Short Tricks in Python

Last Updated: 12-27-2020

Writing big numbers nicely

Python will interpret 100_000_000_000 as 100000000000. I think the former is much easier to read.

>>> 100_000_000_000 is 100000000000 & 100_000_000_000 == 100000000000

This is quite similar to how in C++ you can use 1`000`000 to write large numbers

Quickly commenting a block of code

Python has no block comments. Instead, use CTRL + \ on a highlighted block of text to comment it out. Most editors seem to support this.

Python will concatenate things for you. Sometimes very annoying, sometimes helpful:

>>> print("Ethan " "Myers")
Ethan Myers

Easter Eggs

>>> import antigravity
>>> import this

Walrus Operators

Turn a assign/return 2 liner into a one line walrus operator. This is new in python 3.8. This code:

>>> newshizzle = False
>>> print(newshizzle)

is now

>>> print(newshizzle := True)